Electric motorcycles are on the rise and there is no better place to showcase the innovation in electric super bikes than on the oldest motorcycle racing circuit in the world the Isle of Man.

There is an upcoming race designed to showcase zero-emission motorcycles and several bike makers are racing to get ready for the event.  The event is called the TTXGP, short for the Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix.  The event will take place on June 12th  at the Isle of Man Mountain Course in the UK.  It will be the world's first zero carbon super bike race.

Organizers for the race commissioned a motorcycle last year called the TTX01.  The TTX01 is now in its testing phase and the results are impressive according to those that have had the opportunity to ride it.

The motorcycle underwent track testing at the hand of several professional racers at the Circuit Zolder in Belgium.  A link to the video is posted below.  The racers appear impressed with the bike even though the bike used on the track was down on power by some 30% due to damage.

As you have noticed, this site features several electric motorcycles as the segment has begun to really heat up.  Several models of electric bikes will be on sale soon with many more to follow.  The sanctioned race events and head to head competitions provides a way for the manufacturers to showcase their progress.

Source: TTXGP