Both GM and Ford have had good success in hybrid sales for the month of April.

Overall, April sales were down again this year.  Consistently, sales have dropped month after month in the past year.  But not every segment of cars is hurting.  Both Ford and General Motors compared to Toyota, posted a lower decline in sales and the result is partly due to hybrid success for both companies.

For Ford, their increase in hybrid sales are directly related to the release of the Fusion and Milan hybrids.  Sales for hybrids at Ford were at 2,299 units in April, a 21% increase compared to April of last year.

At GM, hybrid sales rang in at 1,534 units for April compared to just 1,100 last April.  The increase in hybrid sales at GM is attributed to the 2 mode hybrid full size pickup the Silverado and the Sierra.

Though overall sales volumes for 2009 are down, hybrids seem to be faring well and the increased sales volumes of hybrid vehicles during tough economic times speaks volumes about the consumer demand for hybrid models.

Source:  General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company