A recent video released on YouTube suggests that Tesla may have found a new strategic investor. 

The video was taken by an individual who noticed a Tesla Roadster outside a restaurant in Mexico.  The observer spoke with the owner of the Roadster.  The owner responded by taking him for a ride in the $100,000 + all electric car.  As the observer entered the vehicle, he began filming and recording with his cell phone.

The camera footage catches a glimpse of the Founders Series Badge inside the Tesla that is located between the seats.  This badge is reserved for Tesla investors.

The video footage captures a conversation that at least hints at Tesla expecting to announce a new investor in the coming days.

Tesla has encountered financial difficulties recently and has been looking for investors as well as government funding.

Some sources believe the video footage and the entire event is simply too hard to believe that it is not an event staged entirely be Tesla.  It could be the case as it's somewhat difficult to believe that the owner of a $100,000 car would take a complete stranger for a test ride in this immaculate vehicle.

Watch the video Tesla Video Clip and determine what you think is really going on here.

We will keep you updated in regards to any official announcement from Tesla regarding investors.

Source:  YouTube