May is National EcoDriving Month according to an announcement from EcoDriving USA.

The program that kicks off this month is designed to encourage drivers to drive in a manner that improves fuel efficiency and reduces their carbon footprint.  As part of EcoDriving Month, EcoDriving USA will partner with Indy Goes Green.  The Indy Goes Green team aims to be the first carbon neutral Indy racing team.

As part of a month long program, EcoDriving will work to educate consumers about their actual benefits by participating in EcoDriving techniques.  According to the company, drivers could save $200 or more by driving with cruise control on during 10,000 miles driven throughout the year, keeping speeds below 60 mph on the highway could improve gas mileage by 23%, and driving at a steady speed could keep you from getting caught at every red light which increases fuel consumption.

EcoDriving USA's main goal is to simply educate drivers in ways that will help them save fuel.  They have garnered a lot of support since their formation in 2008.  They are backed by the Environmental Defense Fund as well as several individuals including New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and California Governor Arnold Schwarsenegger t o name a few.

Don't look for the month long event to appear on calendars any time soon, the EcoDriving Month of May is only a term put forth by the EcoDriving USA Organization.  The month long event should be a year round event to conserve gasoline and those with hybrids typically treat every day as a gas saving day.

Source:  EcoDriving USA