Yesterday Ford Motor Company announced that they will be retooling the existing Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.  The plant's new focus will be the upcoming Ford Focus and the Focus EV.

The investment from Ford totals $550 million.  The plant was previously used to build the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator during the boom of the SUV market in the late 90s.  Ford is taking this opportunity to retool an old plant and turn it into a plant that will build fuel efficient cars for the future.

According to Ford CEO Alan Mullaly, the plant will be profitable from the moment vehicles begin to run off of the line.  He stated that the company itself has no problem paying for anything right now and noted that supply is the number one issue at this point.

The Michigan Assembly transformation is one of three plants that Ford plans to retool over the coming years.  The other plants include the Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico and the Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky.

The new Ford Focus will begin to roll off of the line at the Michigan Assembly Plant next year and the EV version will follow in 2011.  The plant will employ 3,200 workers and aims to be efficient and green in their approach to car manufacturing.

The Michigan Assembly Plant was once one of Ford's most profitable plants throughout the world due in large part to the boom in SUV sales in the 90's.  However, times have changed and fuel efficient vehicles are in high demand.  Ford is following the demand by converting its existing SUV and light truck plants to plants capable of manufacturing compact, fuel efficient vehicles.

Source:  Ford Motor Company