Mercedes is a late entrant to the hybrid game, but is trying hard to play catch up now.   Next year they will introduce the S-Class Hybrid and the ML450 Hybrid SUV.  Both cars are important in their own right, but Mercedes best selling E-Class and C-Class lack hybrid variants.

Wait just a few short years and that will change.  Mercedes will unveiled the E-Class hybrid later this week to press in Las Vegas.  The E-Class competes in the luxury car segment and a hybrid model could lead to potentially more sales than the costly S-Class hybrid will.

According to Bernhard Glaser, general manager of product development for Mercedes Benz USA, " The new E-Class hybrid could be available in a couple of years." 

 It is highly likely that the E-Class hybrid would employ a system nearly identical to the S-Class hybrid.  The S-Class employs a 15 kW electric motor placed between their V6 engine and the seven speed automatic transmission.  Dubbed BlueHybrid, the system combines for 30 mpg in European testing.

The system is a mild hybrid setup and does not allow the vehicle to move under electric power only.  Mercedes believes that mild hybrids are more cost effective than a Toyota Prius type approach which allows the vehicle to move under electric power only.

Look for updates as more information becomes available on the production of an E-Class Hybrid.