Back on Earth Day, April 22nd, Peapod Mobility was to begin accepting orders online for its line of Peapod neighborhood electric vehicles or NEV for short.  The announcement of accepting orders came and went with no change to their website and no place to put an order in.

Peapod, a Chrysler product line, markets several different NEVs.  They are capable of speeds up to 25 mph and can travel for as little as 2 cents per mile and have a cute, smile inducing face.  With a range of 30 miles and zero emissions, they make sense for urban dwellers, but production appears delayed as Chrysler attempts to get out of its financial troubles.

You can visit the Peapod Mobility website and place your name on a waiting list to be updated when orders are being accepted, but for now the project appears to be at a halt and is behind schedule.

If or when the Peapod goes on sale, it is expected to be priced around $12,500.

Source:  USA Today