O'Reilly Look a Like Outside Th!nk City

O'Reilly Look a Like Outside Th!nk City

Fox News commentator, show host, and radio talk show host Bill O'Reilly has been challenged to live up to his words regarding purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

Last year, O'Reilly claimed that he and everyone else should do their part to clean up the environment.  He even commented that he would buy a Toyota Prius if he could fit into one.  Well, the folks over at ElectricAid have challenged him. 

O'Reilly is a tall individual, but perhaps was using his height as just another excuse around buying a hybrid car.  So ElectricAid found an individual even taller than O'Reilly and took pictures of the 6 foot 5 inch tall man him comfortably sitting inside a Th!nk City Electric car.  The individual fit with ease with legroom and headroom to spare and more than enough room for his full size cello.

Quoting Bill O'Reilly, "No matter where you stand in the climate change debate, everyone should be able to agree that the cleaner the air the better and the less reliance on foreign sources of oil the better." 

Here's a chance for O'Reilly to make those statements ring true.  It's highly doubtful that O'Reilly will step up to the challenge, but he can no longer blame his height as the reason for not buying an electric or hybrid car.

Source:  ElectricAid