It appears as though Chrysler has finally made the decision as to which concept  EV will be released first.  Chrysler has previously displayed four different types of electric cars that make up their ENVI program. This includes the 2-seat Circuit Roadster as well as an extended-range Minivan, Jeep Patriot, and a stylish 200c sedan.  Well they apparently have chosen the winner.  And the winner is... the Dodge Circuit EV.

The announcement is not yet official, but as part of their viability plan that they must submit to the government, the EV Roadster is listed under their product lineup for 2010.

The Dodge Circuit is currently based on the Lotus Europa platform and will have a powertrain supllied by UQM.  It is expected to have an electric only range in the neighborhood of 150 to 200 miles and has drawn positive reviews when it took on the Dodge Challenger in a drag race.

The Circuit EV is unexpected from Chrysler.  It has an edgy design, sporty nature, and tossable chassis.  It could very well be one of the best sports cars Chrysler has ever built and the choice of the Circuit EV does seem a little radical for Chrysler.  But it may be just what they need to do.

The Circuit EV is predicted to have a low sales volume, but will be less costly to produce than the other vehicles listed above.

No price is set at this point and design will likely change as the vehicle goes from concept to production.