Nissan has decided to stay away from hybrid power trains in its compact vehicles and instead employ electric only power trains in the compact and subcompact class of cars.

Though Nissan does make hybrid vehicles, the company intends to reserve hybrid power trains for mid-size and full-size vehicles as well as luxury vehicles.  Both Toyota and Honda plan to offer hybrid power trains in their compact vehicles.  Toyota will introduce a hybrid Yaris and Honda hybrid Fit in the near future, but Nissan will not follow suit.

Nissan will focus on electric only powertrains in this class of car.  The company believes that it is a more persuasive technology and they intend to make EVs work.  According to Nissan Senior Vice President Andy Palmer, "We think it's a more persuasive technology.  That's where we're directing our efforts.  In the small cars, it's clear we're going to make the EV thing happen."

Nissan's small EV is expected to reach showrooms sometime next year and will be powered by lithium ion batteries through partner NEC.  Nissan has requested government funding to build and electric vehicle plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Source:  Automotive News