GM's Australian branch Holden will launch a new line of vehicles carrying the title of EcoLine.  The EcoLine vehicles will highlight the companies use of alternative fuels, fuel saving technology, and hybrid and electric models.

Initially, the EcoLine of vehicles will include diesels, liquified petroleum cars, and vehicles with active fuel management systems that can cut power to cylinders to save gas.  In 2010, Holden will introduce an E85 vehicles into its lineup.

But the big news is that GM's Holden group will introduce the extended range Chevy Volt electric vehicle in Australia in 2012.

The Australian automotive market appears to be behind most of the world in terms of advanced engines and low emissions.  The technologies introduced by the EcoLine such as E85, cylinder deactivation, advanced diesels, are all available in the U.S. and most have been for years.

Australia's demand for fuel efficient vehicles may be behind the times, but a Chevy Volt will be a big step towards lower emissions and acceptance of hybrid and electric vehicles in the country.

Source:  Wards Auto