ECOtality announced that it plans to partner with Nissan to build the infrastructure for electric cars throughout Maricopa county in Arizona.  Plans include a charging infrastructure in place by the time Nissan introduces it's zero emission electric vehicles in the U.S. in 2010.

The plan calls for ECOtality to build what they call an EV Micro-Climate which includes the construction of charging stations, policies for the system, and to create strong public awareness about EVs in the region.  The plan is more than simply charging stations in the area, it is an entire pack that provides awareness and promotion vital to the success of EVs in Arizona.

A similar plan is in place for the bordering county of Pima in Arizona.  The end goal for ECOtality is to provide a link between Phoenix and Tuscon for charging EVs along Interstate 10 in what they call the first true implementation of an EV Corridor in North America.

Nissan's part of the deal includes supply electric vehicles to commercial fleets both public and private by 2010.

A brief statement from ECOtality sums it all up well.  According to Jonathan Reed CEO of ECOtality, "“By establishing the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas as EV Micro-Climates, Arizona is providing a blueprint for how to intelligently build a statewide EV infrastructure: make major population areas an EV Micro-Climate and connect them with EV Corridors enabled by fast-charging.” 

The charging system to be built in Arizona will be capable of charging all future EVs in the area and the company plans to expand to other areas in the near future.

Source:  ECOtality Press Release