Last time we wrote about Mazda, we claimed that they had no interest in electric or hybrid power trains.  Mazda had announced that they were determined to bring advanced diesels to the states, and focus on increasing the efficiency of gasoline engines.  That was less than a month ago, now Mazda has decided that hybrids are in and intend to make hybrids a mainstay in their product lineup by 2015.

Why the dramatic change?  Mazda needs to boost their overall efficiency by 30 percent by 2015 and this is simply more feasible if you add in hybrid vehicles alongside their gasoline counterparts.  Mazda made the announcement at the auto show in New York and provided few details about which hybrid models will be available and when they will be available.

Mazda has not gone away from gasoline or diesel engines.  They will unveil new models in both categories that will achieve significantly better fuel economy than their outgoing models, but diesels and gasoline engine will not be their sole focus.

Mazda intends to offer both electric and hybrid vehicles by 2015 alongside fuel efficient gasoline and diesels vehicles.  Many Mazda vehicles will incorporate new energy saving techniques such as stop and start technology, reduced weight, advanced aerodynamics and reduced rolling resistance in an effort to meet higher CAFE standards for overall fuel economy and to offer the fuel efficient vehicles that buyers demand.

Source:  Automotive News