Fisker Automotive plans to introduce a lower cost model that may bring competition to the upcoming Volt and Tesla Model S.

Fisker's current upcoming models include the Karma and Karma S, with a base price on the Karma starting at $87,900.  When the Chevy Volt hits the market, it is expected to be about $40,000 and the Tesla S slightly higher in price.

Fisker wants to remain competitive with the Volt and Model S by introducing a vehicle closer to the prices listed above.  No pricing or availability has been announced yet.

According to public relations head man at Fisker, Russel Datz, "One of the future products we have is something that is significantly less than what will be on the market at first." Referring to the Karma and Karma S.  The Karma and Karma S have yet to reach the market and some are skeptical of believing Fisker's report of another car reaching the market at this point.