Wave EV Innovations

Wave EV Innovations

EV Innovations released two distinctly different plug in EVs at the New York Auto Show.

The first vehicle, the Inizio EVS aims squarely at the Tesla Roadster.  According to EV Innovations, the Inizio will be capable of reaching speeds up to 170 mph and cruise up to 200 miles on a single charge.  EV Innovations also claims that the Inizio can reach 60 mph in a blazing 4 seconds flat and is expected to have a base price of $139,000.

The other introduction is a more modest plug in EV called the Wave.  The makers claim the Wave will be able to travel 170 miles on a charge and will start at a base price of $34,000.

The two vehicles on display at the show were only prototypes, and non-working prototypes.  According to EV Innovations, orders are now being accepted for the Wave.   The Inizio is on display as an incomplete car.  Pictures are renderings at this point.

A video of both vehicles can be found at the EV Innovations website.  http://li-ionmotors.com

Source: EV Innovations Press Release