Honda introduced the 2010 Insight, the lowest priced, mass produced hybrid on the market on March 24th.  Over the course of only 8 days, Honda sold 569 Insights.

In its first partial month of sales, the 2010 Insight has seen strong sales.  With the release of the March sales report by Honda, one thing remains obvious, overall sales are down.  Honda shows a sales decrease of 33.7% in March 2009 compared to March 2008, and a year to date decline of 33.6% compared to last year.

Though overall sales are down 33.7% from last year, hybrid sales from the company only dropped off by  6.4% for the month of March compared to last year.

Surprisingly, an overall sales decline has not coincided with a similar decline in hybrid sales.  The new Insight could keep hybrid sales stable for Honda throughout the year.

Source:  Honda Press Release