In a bold statement, Mazda calls hybrids and electric vehicles a niche vehicle and intend to focus on making fuel efficient gasoline powered vehicles instead.

Mazda officials stated that they will not be entering the hybrid and electric bandwagon.  Instead, Mazda intends to boost fuel efficiency of its current vehicles through innovations such as reducing weight by developing lighter bodies, and reducing fuel consumed during periods of idling.  Mazda claims that there vehicles will be more environmentally friendly and return better fuel economy than their outgoing models by means of applying this technology.

Mazda Motor Corp. director Seita Kanai recntly said, "Even in 2015, the gasoline engine will account for nearly all autos around the world with electric vehicles and hybrids making up a tiny niche market."

As other automakers race to produce a hybrid vehicle or a plug in electric in the near future, Mazda seems content to stay with gasoline engines across its model line.

Source:  Free Press News Wire