Nissan has partnered with San Diego Gas and Electric to introduce its all new electric vehicle that will be sold in the states next year.  Nissan is ahead of schedule in the release of its electric vehicle to the U.S. market.  Originally, Nissan expected a release date of 2012, but now promises an EV by 2010.

Nissan introduced its EV yesterday in San Diego and presented it at the Broadway Pier in downton San Diego.  Nissan chose San Diego as the introduction site due to the interest in hybrids and EVs in the area.  Initially, the Nissan EV will be sold to large fleet companies.

The vehicle introduced in San Diego bears the internals of the car that will reach the market in 2010, but has the body of the current Nissan Cube.  Nissan has not announced what the EV will look like at this point.  The introduction was used to showcase the technology of the vehicle, rather than possible design indications.

Nissan is expected to make an announcement later in the year regarding what the vehicle will look like, and what the pricing will be set at.  For now, Nissan states a target price between $20,000 and $33,000.

Mark Perry, Nissan's Director of Product Plannin said, " This is not a test and demonstration, but a true market introduction...This is not a glorified golf cart...This is a real, true electric vehicle and a vehicle you as a consumer would be happy to put in your garage today."

The compact EV is said to be able to travel up to 100 miles on a four hour charge and Nissan is working to install charging stations that can deliver and 80% charge in as little as 26 minutes. 

San Diego Gas and Electric has already placed an order for 15 to 20 Nissan EVs for its fleet of vehicles and is working towards finding an additional 100 fleet buyers initially to test to viability of electric cars in the area.

Nissan is ahead of schedule with their EV and may indeed be the first EV on San Diego roads if they can beat Aptera to the market.

Nissan is in the process of applying for federal funding through the Department of Energy.  Nissan is hoping for part of  $25 billion  available for advanced vehicle technologies funding.

Source:  San-Diego Union Tribune