Earlier this month I reported on the 2009 Nissan Cube, Nissan’s move to compete with the Scion xB and Honda Element. Well, according to our partners over at allcarselectric.com, this isn’t the only trick up Nissan’s sleeve.It turns out that Nissan has been developing an electric vehicle version of the newly announced Cube. The first appearance was at the recent Kanagawa Electric Vehicle Festa located at the Yokohama Akarenga Park in Japan.

Now the real question--will this be the EV that Nissan is planning to bring to market by 2010? According to allcarselectric.com and Nissan, the prototype cube that was displayed in the test ride section of last weekend’s event will not be the EV to come to market in 2010. Instead, the production EV will have its own body style and it is said that it will be as unique as the current 2009 Nissan Cube. So for now, the Cube EV is a temporary promotional tool to help Nissan show off their technology in the electric vehicle arena. However, given the popularity of EVs this would be a great vehicle for a growing market as it has size, storage and style on its side, which is rare in the current EV segment.

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