Last night, Ford Motor Company kicked off their new advertising campaign focused on green technology and hybrid vehicles.  Ford choose to launch their campagign during the airing of American Idol on Fox Network.  Ford debuted three brand new comercials that are part of their new campaign called "We Speak Car."  This campaign is expected to garner attention  towards the new 2010 Fusion Hybrid.

Ford plans to launch several new commercials as a part of this new advertising campaign.  According to Ford, their marketing budget will remian constant this year despite the downturn in the economy.  Ford remains focused on promoting their new products including a large scale promotion of the Fusion Hybrid.  Ford intends to spend as much money marketing the new Fusion and Fusion hybrid this calendar year as it did on the F-150 full size pickup truck last year.

In the advertising campaign for the new Fusion and Fusion Hybrid, Ford will focus on virtues such as great fuel economy, and low prices to draw in customers.  The Fusion Hybrid is expected to achieve 41 mpg in city driving and 36 mpg on the highway.  Ford expects high sales volumes as baby boomers turn to smaller vehicles and gas prices increase in the next year.

The 2010 Fusion is in production right now and is expected to hit showroom floors at the end of the month or the beginning of April.  The Fusion Hybrid is expected to follow closely behind.  Recent reviews from various sources place the Fusion Hybrid at the top of its class. 

Source:  Detroit Free Press