For those of you, like me, who are mystified, intrigued, dissatisfied, and slightly annoyed with the teaser shots Tesla has been releasing of its sedan, this is the rendering Holl Liou at Wired developed to show us what the four-door S model will probably look like.

Using the teaser shots, as well as the Roadster's curvy design cues, and throwing in a little Fisker Karma for good measure, the folks at Wired have probably made a pretty good  guess. We'll find out how close they are at the car's unveiling on March 26...until then, a little more about why the Tesla S makes sense. Their Roadster is currently the only highway-legal EV for sale in the States, but Tesla can't possibly pay the bills selling a couple thousand Roadsters per year. How they will become profitable, and sustainable, is by producing a sedan, and by putting a lot of them on the road.

A sedan that may well look like this.

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