Lightning GT - Britain's electric supercar


The Tesla Roadster garners much of the electric supercar discussion and rightly so. It is a feat of modern engineering. If you've got $200,000 to spend you have some other choices though. One of those could come from across the pond. The Lightning GT is a 650 horsepower electric powerhouse that screams to 60 mph in under four seconds. If James Bond went green, this would be his car.

Despite the lack of buzz since its auto show debut last July in Britain, Lightning Car Company still plans to produce the vehicle (shattered world economies be damned). They're depending on the strength of a niche market and the cachet associated with a luxurious, zero emissions, high performance vehicle.

The GT has attracted "400 expressions of interest" and "20 indicative orders," and deliveries are planned for next year. With a range of over 180 miles and quick charging capabilities, it matches up well against the Tesla.

At full capacity, the startup car company plans to produce 500 Lightning GTs per year for the UK. Assuming it's successful, a U.S. version could follow. (Let's all pray that Britain's most filthy rich buy this vehicle.)

Source: Financial Times, Image: Lightning Car Company