Eco-friendly hybrid drivers have even more to cheer about when they hit the road for travel. Hertz announced recently that it would be adding 3400 new Toyota Priuses for rent in 50 airport locations.

The hybrid program was launched in early 2007; the company also donated $1 million to the National Park Foundation. The program is a part of Hertz's "Green Collection," which includes other fuel-efficient vehicles. The program is offered globally, the company says on its Web site. It also includes the Ford Fusion, Buick LaCrosse, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata--cars rated at 31 highway miles per gallon or higher by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Toyota’s Prius is the most hybrid car in America today.More than 180,000 were sold in 2007, and this year the Prius passed the former sales champion, the Ford Explorer SUV, on the charts.

Now, the only issue travelers will face when looking for a hybrid rental is where to find one. So far, Hertz’s hybrid rental program has been a big success so finding one of the 3400 Prius models in one of the 50 locations where they will reside might pose some challenge. Calling well ahead of expected travel time will definitely offer better odds at securing one of these new hybrids.