• 2018 BMW 530e iPerformance wireless charging

    The announcements by BMW and Mercedes-Benz that they would offer wireless charging as an option next year raise a question for electric-car advocates. How important is the ability to recharge a vehicle without plugging in a cord? On the pro side, wireless charging may be easier for owners and drivers, who don't have to remember to plug in the charging cable when they park. DON'T MISS: BMW, Mercedes to offer wireless-charging options for plug-in hybrids next year As envisioned by makers of inductive charging equipment (as it's formally known), semi-autonomous cars of the future would even know...

  • 2018 BMW 530e iPerformance wireless charging
    Wireless charging or plugs for electric cars? Take our Twitter poll

    Ask an electric-car owner how long it takes to charge the car, and you may get an answer you didn't expect. "Oh, five or 10 seconds," is a common response from experienced drivers of plug-in vehicles—meaning the time it takes to plug in. Statistically, that happens most often at night, so the...

  • 2018 BMW 530e iPerformance wireless charging
    BMW, Mercedes to offer wireless-charging options for plug-in hybrids next year

    Every one of the modern electric cars on the market for almost seven years requires plugging in a cord to recharge the battery using grid electricity. Inserting the cord into the socket takes just a few seconds, and most cars today are charged overnight. But soon there will be another option...

  • Installation of Plugless Power wireless charging system in Nissan Leaf & Hertz HQ, Park Ridge, NJ
    Bosch Offers Wireless Charging For Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt

    Tired of plugging in your Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt electric car to recharge every night? Yearn for the simplicity of simply parking over a charging pad and walking away? Bosch Automotive Service Solutions feels your pain. The service arm of the German auto-parts maker is now offering a...

  • toyota plug in hybrid uk test motorauthority 002
    Your iPhone Can Charge Wirelessly—How About Your Electric Car?

    Psh. Plugs. They’re, like, so 2008. There’s been a surge of attention over the last year towards products that that can charge your smartphone wirelessly, like the devices PowerMat makes. Just set it down on the charging mat and let your phone juice up. But according to a new report...

  • HaloIPT wireless charging
    Magnetic Induction Technology: Charging Without Wires & Plugs

    The world of EVs is a strange business. The jump from gasoline and diesel cars to EVs is akin to the jump at the end of the 19th Century from horse and carriage to motor vehicles, in the change in mindset and widespread adoption of infrastructure required. Charging in particular is an area that...

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