• eMotorWerks JuiceBox wall mount charging Tesla Model X

    At first glance, a new business agreement between home charger manufacturer eMotorWerks and utility software provider LO3 Energy sounds strictly like the stuff of dull business contract lawyers. Dig a little deeper, though, and it could be the kernel of the next generation electrical system, long discussed, but never-quite-practical vehicle-to-grid infrastructure. As many electric-car drivers know, eMotorWerks builds networked JuiceBox home chargers, some faster than most others, that allow users to program them via the internet to start and stop charging as energy rates fluctuate. The boxes...

  • BMW i3 electric car charging in 'EV Charging Only' space, Santa Clarita, CA  [photo: Steve J. Myung]
    Utility V2G test with BMW shows electric cars can aid the grid

    As the demand for electric cars grows, utility companies are considering their effect on local power grids—both positive and negative. Recently, California's PG&E and BMW wrapped up a pilot program testing experimental vehicle-to-grid technology to see if electric cars could actually aid...

  • Fast Charging 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Electric Cars Can Stabilize Utility Grid Via V2G, Study Shows

    Using plug-in electric cars as temporary energy storage and supply sources can stabilize the grid, a new study has found. A fleet of electric vehicles represents a large distributed array of storage batteries to an electric utility, potentially attractive for smoothing grid variations. Those cars...

  • Vehicle-to-grid pilot program at Los Angeles Air Force Base
    U.S. Air Force Unveils Fleet of 42 Electric Vehicles, Nissan Leafs Included, For V2G Tests

    The U.S. Air Force will conduct a vehicle-to-grid test program in Los Angeles.

  • MINI E electric cars used in vehicle-to-grid test. Photo by University of Delaware/Evan Krape
    Delaware Vehicle-To-Grid Test Lets Electric Cars Sell Power

    The University of Delaware is testing a fleet of electric cars that can discharge power back into the grid.

  • Mini E electric vehicle
    Want To Lease A 2009 MINI E? If You Live In Delaware, You Can

    One of the earliest electric-car prototype test fleets of the modern day was made up of several hundred MINI E two-seaters, which hit U.S. roads on two-year leases from 2008 through 2010. MINI E drivers who loved driving electric--which is to say, many of them--were offered replacement BMW ActiveE...

  • 2012 Mitsubishi i

    Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) isn’t a new concept, and is the name given to technology which gives plug-in vehicles the ability to feed power stored in their battery packs back to the utility company at points of peak electrical demand. But we’ve yet to see the technology being implemented in mainstream electric cars - at least, not yet. Now Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has announced that it plans to offer a device that will enable owners of its ‘i’ electric car to power domestic appliances or light a whole house from its 16 kilowatt-hour battery pack in the event of a power...

  • Opel Meriva electric vehicle, to be tested in Germany as part of MeRegioMobil program, 2010-2011
    GM Electric Meriva Van Tests Vehicle-to-Grid Charging in Germany

    Last summer, Karl Stracke, the vice president of global vehicle engineering of General Motors, said the company planned to test three battery-electric vehicles in different global regions. This morning, the company's Opel unit announced that it would test a fleet of Opel Meriva small minivans...

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