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  • Revenge Of The Electric Car

    It was the film that many electric car advocates cite as the reason they drive electric, but now electric car “who done it?” documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? has a sequel: Revenge of the Electric Car. And as the film’s director Chris Paine tells us on the ROTEC website, “Revenge is at hand.” It is indeed. Announced yesterday, the film’s premiere will take place as part of the opening weekend of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Highlighted as the festivals’ spotlight feature documentary, the film tells the story of how plug-in...

  • Subaru Stella
    Who Killed the Electric Car? Subaru To Slay Plug-In Stella EV

    Back in July 2009, two Japanese automakers launched electric cars within weeks of each other. (And neither one was Nissan.) One was Mitsubishi, which put its i-MiEV five-door hatchback microcar on sale after several years of consumer tests. That car is now the best-selling electric car in the...

  • Wind-Turbine Powered Highway Lights, concept by TAK Studio
    Could Passing Cars Power Wind-Turbine Highway Lights?

    And now, for today's great green concept, we present: Overhead highway lights powered by wind turbines, which are spun by the air turbulence generated as cars and trucks whiz past at speed. Like many such concepts, this one's conceptually brilliant: Use all that wasted wind to do useful work, in...

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