It was the film that many electric car advocates cite as the reason they drive electric, but now electric car “who done it?” documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? has a sequel: Revenge of the Electric Car

And as the film’s director Chris Paine tells us on the ROTEC website, “Revenge is at hand.” 

It is indeed. Announced yesterday, the film’s premiere will take place as part of the opening weekend of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Highlighted as the festivals’ spotlight feature documentary, the film tells the story of how plug-in vehicles came back from near extinction at the hands of major automakers in three short years. 

Picking up the story where Who Killed The Electric Car? left off, Revenge of the Electric 

Crushed GM EV1s - Screenshot, Who Killed The Electric Car?

Crushed GM EV1s - Screenshot, Who Killed The Electric Car?

Car focuses on the aftermath of the crushing of up to 5,000 electric cars just five years ago as General Motors, Toyota, Honda and Ford drew their electric car lease programs to an abrupt end in response to changing legislation in California which no longer required them to produce electric cars. 

Unlike Who Killed the Electric Car?, Revenge of the Electric Car is a celebratory film, concentrating on how rising oil prices, the threat of global warming and economic strife helped encourage automakers to think again when it came to the future of plug-in vehicles. 

Focusing on the individuals, the charities and the automakers, the film documents everything from the race to develop the world’s first mass-produced electric car to the startups desperate to change the way consumers relate to the automobile. 

Including interviews with industry analysts, early adopters, entrepreneurs and advocates, the film promises to mark the celebratory return to the market place of real, affordable electric vehicles.

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV powered by Tesla, at 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV powered by Tesla, at 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

During the shooting and production of the film Paine and his crew were given unprecedented access to the inner workings of Nissan, General Motors and Tesla Motors as each firm worked on their own electric vehicle offerings. 

Revenge of the Electric Car premieres on Earth Day (22 March). To see it at the Tribeca film festival, obtain tickets from its box office

For those unable to attend, the film’s makers are encouraging fans worldwide to request the film be aired in their local area

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