• MTA 207TH Street rail yard [CREDIT - Fan Railer - Wikimedia Commons]

    Updated to correct the total power output expected from the MTA rooftop project. Electric cars and public transportation go together in more ways than one. In the latest example, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to add solar panels to the rooftops of its rail yards and bus depots to help feed the local power grid. READ MORE: Forget light poles, British firm to build chargers from cable boxes The MTA started last Monday with requests for bids on seven properties belonging to NYC Transit, the Long Island Rail Road, and the Metro-North Railroad in Westchester County. The...

  • Dutch NS Sprinter electric train by Flickr user kismihok (Used under CC License)
    All Dutch electric trains now running on 100-percent renewable energy

    While modern electric cars have only been available in large numbers for a few years, electric trains have been commonplace for some time. As with electric cars, the source of the electricity used to power these trains impacts their overall carbon footprint. The cleaner an energy source, the...

  • Alstom Coradia iLint hydrogen fuel-cell train
    Alstom hydrogen fuel-cell train to be tested in Germany

    A hydrogen fuel-cell train will enter service in Germany next year.

  • Eximus 1 electric railcar at Delsbo Electric 2016
    Most efficient all-electric railcar competition won by Swedes

    Swedish students compete to build the most efficient electric railcar.

  • Hungary's Borzsony solar-powered electric passenger railcar
    Next clean-energy transport: a solar-powered electric railcar?

    Tourist railroads are one of the unexpected pleasures of travel. Usually operating on trackage that railroads no longer need, they offer low-speed rides through scenic vistas, including locations that tourists often can't reach by car. But along with historic railcars on many lines come older...

  • Concept drawings for Elon Musk’s 800-mph Hyperloop
    Elon Musk's Hyperloop: 30 Minutes In Windowless 800-MPH Pod?

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a man of many and advanced interests, and his latest notion--the Hyperloop rapid transit system revealed as a concept yesterday--fits into his vision of a very different future. In a nutshell, the Hyperloop is a system in which people board pods inside an elevated metal tube...

  • Two BNSF locomotives hauling coal trains meet near Wichita Falls, Texas

    The U.S. is increasingly awash in natural gas, so it's natural to consider it as a potential vehicle fuel. From passenger cars to long-haul trucks, both compressed natural gas (CNG) and refrigerated liquid natural gas (LNG) are being eyed as a replacement for diesel fuel and gasoline. Now, natural gas may make the leap into another kind of wheeled vehicle: railroad locomotives. Freight railroad BNSF announced this week it would convert a locomotive to run on LNG, to test the concept in real-world use. Matt Rose, the railroad's CEO, told the Wall Street Journal that the test "could be a...

  • Public transport
    Want To Beat High Gas Prices? Public Transit: Winner

    There’s no doubt consumers will be faced with higher gas prices going into the future, and alternatives, like diesel powered cars and hybrids, all have their respective shortcomings. We recently looked at why mainstream automakers refuse to launch more diesel models in the U.S. and, just...

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