• Smart ebike electric bicycle

    About a month ago, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill that banned electric bikes from the city's streets. (Like all bikes, they're also banned from sidewalks--not that every rider seems to know that.) And as a Navigant Research blog post points out, e-bikes were already illegal under an existing ban on "motor-assisted bicycles" within city limits. The new bill simply made it easier for NYPD officers to enforce the ban, and issue tickets to restaurants that use e-bikes for deliveries--even if they're just parked outside. Throttles at issue There remains some confusion over...

  • 2010 GM EN-V Concept
    GM's Future City-Car Vision: Autonomous, Electric, Two-Wheeler

    What does personal transportation look like in a new century, when more than 60 percent of the world's citizens live in cities and the number of vehicles on the globe could rise to 2 billion? Would future urbanites accept the idea of moving around in pod-shaped electric two-seaters with only two...

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