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  • Bollore BlueCars recharging at Paris curb for the Autolib electric-car sharing service, Sep 2016

    U.S. visitors to European cities, especially capitals like Paris and Rome and Madrid and London, often remark how different they are from those in the U.S. Many of their historic cores, dating back far before automobiles existed, remain intact—and for much of the 20th century, they coexisted uncomfortably with those cars and trucks. Now, center cities are often being reclaimed from vehicles, with streets and neighborhoods "pedestrianized" and cars and trucks with combustion engines increasingly taxed or banned altogether at times. DON'T MISS: France plans to ban all gasoline, diesel...

  • UCR's GPS System For Electric Cars
    Researchers Improve Electric Car Range: With Better GPS System

    Although electric cars are very energy efficient, electric car battery packs can’t store as much energy as a tank full of gasoline, resulting in much shorter driving range between fill-ups than a gas car. At present, engineers around the world are working on the problem, developing everything...

  • Pioneer AVIC-ZH09-MEV Satelite Navigation System
    Electric Car Navigation Gets Smart With Pioneering New GPS

    Practically every car on the market today ships with the option of a built-in GPS unit, letting the driver go anywhere without supposedly getting lost. But while satellite navigation systems have got a whole lot smarter in recent years, they are designed to be used in a gasoline car - not an...

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