• Nissan Leaf Mongol Rally

    The Mongol Rally is no small undertaking for any driver, in any type of vehicle. The 10,000-mile rally takes drivers from Europe to Siberia, via Mongolia, with no support vehicles or backup cars. On July 16, 2017, a Scottish couple arrived at the starting line at the Goodwood race course in England with a peculiar choice of car for the trek: a Nissan Leaf electric car. DON'T MISS: 2018 Nissan Leaf debuts: 150 miles for $30,875, 200-plus miles in 2019 Chris Ramsey and his wife Julie officially completed the grueling rally on September 10, 2017. The couple became the first team ever to finish...

  • Toyota FCV rally car
    Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan 'Featured' At Rally Course In Japan

    The Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan made an appearance at the final round of the 2014 Japanese Rally Championship.

  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in Asia Cross Country Rally
    Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Goes Rallying In Asia

    Believe it or not, off-roading isn't the sole preserve of lifted Jeeps or mud-splattered Land Rovers. Mitsubishi has chosen to enter its Outlander Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) in this year's Asia Cross Country Rally--a grueling event that runs from Thailand to Cambodia over mountains, through forests...

  • Electric Sociability Run participants, 100 years apart. Photo by Lanny Hartmann
    Electric-Car Rally Celebrates 'Sociability Run' 100 Years Ago: UPDATE

    A century after the first major Electric Sociability Run, electric cars rallied in West Virginia.

  • Renault Zoe on the ZENN rally
    Monte Carlo Rally Goes Electric, Renault Zoe Takes Victory

    Whether on legs, horses or motor vehicles, mankind has always had an insatiable desire to go quicker than its neighbor. That desire hasn't stopped with the advent of electric vehicles. If anything, it's intensified, given the additional challenge of going further than your competitors on less...

  • Electric Vehicle Association ad, 1912
    99 Years Later, Electric Car 'Sociability Run' Honored In DC

    This is a momentous year for electric car fans: the 99th anniversary of Washington, D.C.'s historic Electric Sociability Run of 1914. To commemorate that event, enthusiasts are planning a similar rally this Memorial Day weekend. Many, if not most folks in America are familiar with today's electric...

  • Mercedes-Benz and smart at the Silvretta E-Car Rallye 2012

    Daimler might only have one full production electric car at the moment, in the shape of the 2013 smart fortwo electric drive, but the company has been experimenting with several other electric vehicles over the past few years. Many of these are set to compete in the third Silvretta E-Car Rallye, a three-day run through the scenic mountains of Austria, where cars and drivers will face steep inclines, tight corners and long stages. Daimler is entering a total of seven electric vehicles this year. The 2013 smart fortwo electric drive will make its first appearance with two entries, its more...

  • Opel Ampera at the Monte Carlo Rally
    Opel Ampera (Chevy Volt) Wins Monte Carlo Alt-Fuel Rally

    The Monte Carlo Rally is one of the most famous events on the motorsport calendar. While the World Rally Championship visited the event back in January and the Monte Carlo Historic rally ended in February, an equivalent, the Rallye Monte-Carlo Des Énergies Nouvelles is also held for electric...

  • mml sports group n evo x rally car 003
    Mitsubishi Boss Confirms Hybrid Diesel Drivetrain Option For 2014 Evo XI

    Mitsubishi has already hit the headlines today after it announced an update to its engine technology to improve fuel economy across its range, but now U.K.-based Autocar says Mitsubishi Boss Osamu Masuko has confirmed that the next Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will be powered by a diesel-electric...

  • ESB ecars Nissan Leaf Cannonball team
    Quiet As A... Cannonball? Nissan Leaf Enters Road Trip

    While dozens of supercars will be revving up their engines ready for the start of Ireland's upcoming Cannonball Run, the ESB ecars team will be off to a much quieter start. The ESB team's 2011 Nissan Leaf is the first electric car to participate in the Cannonball Run which starts this Friday...

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