Plug-in Truck

  • XL Hybrids Ford F-250 plug-in

    As both established and startup automakers rush to build electric pickups, many seem to have forgotten a fundamental principle of pickup design: Trucks were meant to work. Ford has announced it is developing a plug-in hybrid F150, and Ford, GMC, Tesla, and startup automaker Rivian are all working on electric light--duty pickups. What none of them are talking about is heavy duty pickups that spend a lot of time on the road and can help contractors and companies save thousands of dollars in fuel costs in their businesses. For those customers, XL, a Boston-based conversion company, released a...

  • Havelaar Bison electric pickup
    Havelaar Bison all-electric utility truck announced by Canadian company

    The electric-vehicle market remains in infancy, but non-traditional automakers are beginning to explore and tap the potential market for multiple types of vehicles powered by batteries. Canadian company Havelaar is the most recent to try its hand at an electric vehicle; like a few other companies...

  • Workhorse W-15 extended-range electric pickup truck
    Workhorse W-15 range-extended electric pickup truck revealed (video)

    Workhorse may have the ultimate proposal for commercial fleets with the reveal of its W-15 pickup truck, the first range-extended electric pickup truck to be built from the ground up with fleets in mind. While Tesla says it is developing an all-electric pickup, which will supposedly be revealed in...

  • Jay Leno Drives Via Vtrux
    Jay Leno, Bob Lutz, Talk Plug-ins, Drive Via Plug-in Hybrid Truck

    Americans love the utility and functionality of the mighty pickup truck, but not its gas mileage. So its no surprise that talk show host Jay Leno thinks that Americans will love the Via Vtrux, a range-extended, full-size, electric pickup truck that combines the practicality of a Chevy Silverado...

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