Pike's Peak Hill Climb

  • Duff Beer 1981 Jet Electrica 007 (Plymouth TC3)  -  Murilee Martin/24 Hours of Lemons

    Our readers may be having a change of heart when it comes to electric-car racing based on the results of our latest Twitter poll. In previous comments and surveys, readers have expressed little interest in electric car racing beyond, perhaps drag racing, and expressed cynicism and sometimes outright contempt for other forms of "wasted" electrons, especially Formula E racing. Now, another race promoter has proposed a new electric race series—for $500 LeMons hoopties (minus the battery pack and electric motors), racing head-to-head with gas-powered beaters in perhaps the most democratic...

  • 2018 Volkswagen ID R Pikes Peak race car
    Volkswagen targets Pikes Peak with electric-car tech from future models

    The next Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race is eight months away still, so a press release on a carmaker's entry into next June's event comes out of left field. But for Volkswagen, it's another small step to underscore its major commitment to battery-electric vehicles as its two-year-old...

  • TMG EV P0002
    Toyota Enters Electric Car Into Pikes Peak Hill Climb

    This year’s annual Pikes Peak hill climb is shaping up to be something pretty spectacular for electric vehicle fans. After last year’s race, which saw the all-electric Yokohama HER-02 set a new course with a time of 12 minutes and 20 seconds, we’ve seen official entries already...

  • Yokohama/ACPropulsion Pikes-Peak Hill-Climb Vehicle
    Electric Car With EV1 Heritage Sets New Pikes Peak Record

    For the past week or so the famous Pikes Peak in Colorado has rung with the sound of cars and motorcycles climbing the 12.42 mile course to its 14,110 foot summit. But yesterday for a few minutes, the mountain was a little quieter as an electric car climbed the summit, completing the would-renowned...

  • 2011 Chevrolet Volt - testing on Pike's Peak, October 2009
    Electric Cars Are Real Cars: 2011 Chevy Volt Climbs Pike's Peak

    We've written before about some of the misconceptions around high-mileage and electric cars, among them that they're essentially glorified golf carts. Now the test engineers for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt have taken their  extended-range electric vehicle up the twisty 19-mile road to the top of...

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