• Oil well (photo by John Hill)

    Oil prices are at their lowest levels in four years, and retail gasoline prices are likely to follow--more or less. Thursday, while the U.S. celebrated its Thanksgiving holiday, oil prices fell 7 percent after OPEC announced it would leave production levels unchanged, according to CNN. The price of WTI crude oil in the U.S. closed that day at $69 a barrel--a level last seen in May 2010. DON'T MISS: Gas Prices Fall For Labor Day With Oil Supplies Ample (Aug 2014) In the three days since then, the price has fallen further, to $66.15 a barrel at the time this piece was written. While many...

  • Petro-Canada gas station, Crossfields, Alberta, with electric-car charging station
    Electric-Car Charging Station At Gas Station In Tar-Sands Land

    Electric-car charging stations are still remarkably rare at gas stations, though a handful exist in the Pacific Northwest. But earlier this year, the Petro-Canada station in Crossfield, Alberta, installed a charging station. It's free to use, too. Perhaps not too remarkable, except that this is the...

  • Utah
    How To Celebrate Earth Day? Utah Says: Oil, Gas & Mining!

    Sometimes there comes an idea so audacious, so inspired, so downright jaw-dropping that it's worth covering even if it doesn't directly involve cars. You may know Earth Day is coming up on Monday, April 22. Localities and groups all over the country celebrate it. So, how has the Utah Department of...

  • Gas pump
    Oil Exec Says Electric-Car Batteries 'Not Ready for Primetime'

    It's always good to hear the arguments against electric cars. Some are valid, some are idiotic, and some simply betray a lack of knowledge about how the auto industry really works. Into that last category may go some comments by one William M. Colton, ExxonMobil’s vice president for corporate...

  • Tires
    How Burning Rubber Could Help You Be Greener 

    Tirediesel? Don't laugh out loud; it could be coming to a biodiesel pump near you someday. And it could at lat be something to do with used tires. Except for sandals, playground equipment, and the like, there aren't many products that use them. In the past tires were hauled miles away from cities...

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