• 2012 Fisker Karma during road test, Los Angeles, Feb 2012

    Yesterday, Fisker Automotive, makers of the super-sexy 2012 Karma plug-in hybrid sports car, announced that it had just signed its 80th independent dealer. But Fisker’s 80th dealer, Fisker of Scottsdale, Arizona, isn’t owned by a local independent dealer chain. It’s owned by Penske Automotive. One of the largest and best known auto dealers in the world, Penske Automotive is a Fortune 500 company with approximately 16,000 employees. Around the world, it runs 336 different automotive franchises from 42 different brands, covering everything from everyday car brands like Toyota...

  • Smart Makes It Three: First Smart Electric Drive Delivered

    And the entry of electric cars into the U.S. market continues apace. The first 2011 Nissan Leaf was delivered in San Francisco on December 12, and the first 2011 Chevy Volt came three days later in New Jersey. Now, Smart has delivered the first example of its own electric car, the 2011 Smart ForTwo...

  • daimler smart car2go 002
    If Texans Don't Want 2010 Smart ForTwos, Will They Rent 'Em?

    Several months ago, we previewed Car2Go, the car-sharing program planned in Austin, Texas, featuring Smart ForTwo mini-cars. Now a pilot program with 200 Smarts has launched for the 13,000 employees of the city of Austin. It's the first U.S. version of a scheme that started in March in Ulm...

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