Nissan IDS Concept

  • Tesla Model S owner tests Autopilot system from back seat

    With the IDS Concept that Nissan showed at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, the automaker hinted that Nissan may be readying a suite of autonomous technologies—and a language through which the car will communicate with the driver and with its surroundings. And while it might be tempting to see the IDS as a thinly veiled next-generation Leaf, and see the autonomous tech in it as just around the corner—rivaling or besting the Autopilot system that’s in the Tesla Motors [NSDQ: TSLA] Model S sedan and Model X crossover—the reality check is that neither of these are likely...

  • Nissan IDS concept, 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
    Nissan IDS Concept: Autonomous Electric Car At Tokyo Motor Show

    At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan has revealed a concept car that gives a glimpse of what electric-car ownership could be like many years into the future—and, perhaps, provides a few more hints of what’s in store for the second-generation Nissan Leaf. Called the Nissan IDS Concept, it...

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