• Tata Nano used as taxi cab in Sri Lanka

    The world's least expensive car, the Tata Nano, is now seen in increasing numbers on the streets of its home country, India. But Tata is also sending the car into new markets, including Sri Lanka--where you might be surprised to see the tiny cars used as taxis. Why Sri Lanka? That country's taxi fares will soon be riding in Nano cabs simply because Sri Lanka is the first place outside India where the little car will be sold. It also gives Sri Lankan taxi owners a cheaper alternative to the air-conditioned cabs currently on the market, and a safer alternative to less safe three-wheeled taxis...

  • Tata Nanos shipped sideways on flatbed rail car outside Bangalore, India, from YouTube user Auroajay
    How Short Is a Tata Nano? Enough To Ship Sideways On a Train

    You've surely seen car-carriers full of brand-new vehicles on the highways. But many new cars roll out of the factory onto trains that carry them over much of their journey. Now a new video from India shows a trainload of diminutive Tata Nano minicars passing by an onlooker in Bangalore. The...

  • 2009 Tata Nano
    Tata Nano: First Ride Report, But Is It Green?

    No, they didn't drive it, but a few weeks ago, CAR magazine got the first-ever ride in a Tata Nano

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