• Munich University's Mute concept

    Following the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year we speculated on the problems that small volume, odd-looking electric cars could do to the EV industry's reputation. The outlook at Frankfurt was much more upbeat. Despite the absence of Nissan and its Leaf, several other carmakers had exciting electric cars on show and smaller EV-makers were given a much larger hall than they were at Geneva. One of the cars that really caught our attention was Technische Universität München's "Mute" electric car. Its chunky Germanic lines reminded us a little of some of Volkswagen's concept vehicles...

  • BMW press event introducing 'i' sub-brand, Munich, Feb 2011
    BMW Confirms 'i' Electric Sub-Brand, Lineup: MegaCity Now i3

    Auto marketers and PR people have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. It lets them connect directly with users and fans, but it also transmits facts, leaks, and rumors at lightning speed. That meant that this morning's BMW press conference, telecast live from BMW Welt in a snowy Munich...

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