• Mini E electric vehicle

    BMW rarely screws up, but the 450 Mini E test cars now going to eager US drivers are markedly worse than prototypes from other makers

  • 2009 MINI John Cooper Works
    Would You Like Cash-For-Clunkers Better If It Got You a Mini John Cooper Works?

    With careful shopping, you may be able to score a fun car and still get a

  • 2008 MINI E
    EV Market Competition: MINI E Test Vehicles Leased In Early 2009

    MINI Gives Consumers Another Reason to Join the Club

  • Mini Coooper D model sold in Europe
    More Small Diesels for the US, from Mini and Audi?

    Many long-distance drivers would love to get their hands on the small, economical diesels sold in Europe. Soon, they may.

  • 2008 MINI Cooper S Clubman
    2009 MINI Cooper Clubman: Will You Rock One in 2009?

    The MINI stretches out for its consumer legs.

  • bmw_minie
    NYC announces deal for 10 MINI Es

    Of the 50 MINI Es that MINI USA is making available for fleet use testing, today New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced that ten of them will be prowling his streets, looking for graffitti, potholes, and other unsightly blemishes as part of the city's Street Condition Observation Unit...

  • bmw-z2-2012-498x332

    This site has been covering news of the Mini E for over a month, so it shouldn't surprise you that Mini's parent company, BMW, is expected to unveil some EV concepts in the very near future. According to BMW Blog, the German automaker will showcase "Concept eDrive" at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2009. Details about Concept eDrive aren't certain, but bloggers in the know expect a 1 or 3-series model with the same electric powertrain used in the Mini E. Excited? There's more. The BMW Z Vision Concept is expected to appear at either the Frankfurt or Tokyo Auto Show next year. Sources close to...

  • Nominees for the 2009 Green Car Vision Award

    The Green Car Journal has announced the five nominees for their 2009 Green Car Vision Award: the Chevrolet Volt, Fisker Karma, Honda FCX Clarity, Mitsubishi iMiEV, and the MINI E. It's worth noting that despite the fact that so many critics have declared the electric car revolution won't be...

  • e-one-moli-energy1
    E-One Moli Energy to Provide Batteries for MINI E

    They can't confirm it, but they didn't deny it. In a recent interview with, Canadian firm E-One Moli Energy discussed their past relationship with AC Propulsion, the confirmed electric drivetrain provider for the MINI E.  Paul Craig, Manager of Applications Engineering, said...

  • Could the MINI E reproduce?

    Rumors are flying that the popular all-electric MINI E may well spawn a group of electric BMWs, first a 5 or 7 series (the larger platform would be a better fit with the bulky, heavy lithium-ion battery packs), then perhaps a 3 series and a small SUV. There hasn't been an official media...

  • MINI E
    LA Auto Show: MINI E Revealed

    BMWs Mini has been discussing the launch of a new street-legal electric car that will be launched in North America in Jaury 2009. It is basically a retrofitted MINI that has an electric motor and drivetrain supplied by A/C propulsion. It will house a 35 kwh lithium-ion battery that will replace the...

  • MINI E
    MINI E Is Mighty Efficient

    The MINI brand is synonymous with fuel efficient cars that are fun to drive. MINI is about to take fuel efficiency one step further. As part of a pilot program to study electric vehicles, MINI will release 500 "MINI E" pure electric cars powered by lithium ion batteries. Select MINI devotees will...