To wrap up the American Thanksgiving Holiday (yes, yes I know I am being very U.S. centric today) I thought it would be fun to give some food for thought. Not that any of us probably need any more food after the amazing amounts of Turkey (or Ham if you prefer), pie, rolls, stuffing and other trimmings we have consumed during today’s time of family gathering and celebration. So here is your mission, if you choose to accept it…if not your Turkey leftovers will disappear in 5 seconds.



Part of being in this season is to be thankful for what we have, but sometimes we don’t have a moment to really digest what is coming at us. The alternative fuel market is one of those for the automotive sector, so here are a couple things you might want to read up on; it could inspire you to turn over a new leaf for one of our next big holidays—New Years.

Some things to check out (and you guessed it, we have links to all the juicy info):

The MINI E—An all-electric version of the MINI E that is currently being tested by a selected number of lessees in California and New York.

Nissan Leaf—This all-electric zero-emissions car from Nissan is part of a major infrastructure project to help build out charging stations across the U.S. (My Thanksgiving Article here).

GM-Volt—This is GM’s stab at new and innovative technology. The quick and dirty is that it is a hybrid that runs on pure electric for the first 40 miles and then has a gasoline powered engine that acts as a generator to continue to power the electric motors and replenish the battery.

Smart ForTwo EV—The popular Smart micro car is going electric as production for the test vehicles ramps up in France. What could be better than a cute micro car that you can park anywhere in the city?

Tesla Roadster—For you sports car fans, if you haven’t read up on the Tesla all-electric sports car, then you are certainly missing out on what some call the future of high-performance driving.


Of course these aren’t the only competitors in the market, but this should give you a good glimpse of some formidable players. For even more on electric vehicles be sure to visit our partner site,