• Nissan Micra now available in Canada

    Compared to Europe and Asia, the U.S. market for subcompacts and minicars is tiny, with dozens of models available elsewhere that will never hit U.S. shores. One of those is the Nissan Micra, slotting below the Versa Note in Nissan's range. Versions of the Micra have sold for decades in other markets, but low demand for small cars has kept it away from North America. Until now, that is. Launched at the Montreal Auto Show, Nissan has announced it's putting the Micra on sale...in Canada. That's right--those north of the border will have access to Nissan's smallest subcompact, but there are...

  • 2013 Nissan Micra (European model)
    Driving Nissan's Micra Minicar, Which We Can't Legally Do Any Other Time

    The smallest car Nissan sells in the U.S. is the Versa subcompact, which comes both as a sedan and the new 2014 Versa Note hatchback. But last week, we were able to drive the latest Nissan Micra, a high-volume car sold outside the States that's an entire car class smaller. In Europe, the Micra is...

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