• UPS compressed natural gas truck

    Natural gas has not proven popular for vehicles bought by individual consumers, but some fleet operators continue to find it an attractive alternative to gasoline and diesel. That's because the lack of public fueling infrastructure proves a major drawback for natural-gas passenger cars, but fleets can circumvent that by operating their own centralized fueling stations. That's the case with UPS, which invested $100 million in natural-gas fueling stations and vehicles last year, and now plans to expand that program. DON'T MISS: Audi A5 is third model to run on natural gas, for Europe only The...

  • Costa Fortuna cruise ship
    LNG-powered cruise ships to enter service in 2019

    Carnival plans to launch a pair of LNG-powered cruise ships in 2019.

  • 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas
    Congress Approves Tax Fairness Updates For Liquid Natural Gas

    Congress has taken an important step to advance cleaner transport with the introduction of new, fairer taxation for natural gas. The 'LNG Excise Tax Equalization Act of 2013' is designed to equalize the discrepancy between taxation of diesel and liquefied natural gas (LNG). ALSO SEE: Tesla Model 3...

  • Slide from 'The Future of Transport: Challenging Perceptions,' Shell Oil presentations, Apr 2015
    How Shell Oil Sees The Future Of Energy And Vehicle Fuels In 2050

    It's always good to understand how the huge global energy industry views the worlds of today and tomorrow. At last month's Shell Eco-Marathon fuel-efficiency competition, sponsor Shell Oil provided seminars for attending journalists to explain how the company views the energy landscape from now...

  • MetLife electric-car charging station for employee use - Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Tax Breaks Back For Electric-Car Charging Stations, Natural-Gas Cars, Through End Of Year

    It's the end of another Congressional session, which means that a budget extension bill has now been rushed through and is likely to be signed. Called The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 (H.R. 5771), it contains special provisions, rule tweaks, and concessions for many, many, many different...

  • Natural Gas-powered Kenworth truck (Image: Flickr user TruckPR)
    Natural Gas For Long-Haul Trucks: Which Version Makes More Sense?

    LNG or CNG? If that just looks like a jumble of letters to you, we're talking about liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas--and so is the trucking industry. Natural gas has, to a degree, been overlooked in the passenger vehicle industry while companies look towards electrification (in...

  • Two BNSF locomotives hauling coal trains meet near Wichita Falls, Texas

    The U.S. is increasingly awash in natural gas, so it's natural to consider it as a potential vehicle fuel. From passenger cars to long-haul trucks, both compressed natural gas (CNG) and refrigerated liquid natural gas (LNG) are being eyed as a replacement for diesel fuel and gasoline. Now, natural gas may make the leap into another kind of wheeled vehicle: railroad locomotives. Freight railroad BNSF announced this week it would convert a locomotive to run on LNG, to test the concept in real-world use. Matt Rose, the railroad's CEO, told the Wall Street Journal that the test "could be a...

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