• Custom Fiat 500 - Similar to Gathafi's electric 500

    Let’s face it: If you ask Joe Public to describe the personal attributes of your average electric car owner, you'd probably get a description of a left-leaning, affluent and well-educated individual on the east or west coast of the U.S. A less-polite individual may even chose to add a few colorful adjectives which may imply various things about a typical electric car owner’s sexual behavior or parentage. But no matter who you ask, we’re pretty sure that “dictatorial despot” won’t be among the words used by anyone to describe an electric-car fan. And yet...

  • Fuel price in London, shown in pence per liter, February 2011
    U.S. Drivers: Shut Up, Stop Whining, You Don't Pay $8/Gallon

    Turmoil in Libya is making global oil markets nervous. That means higher gasoline prices. Cue the creeping unease and outright fear that Our American Way Of Life May Be In Peril. Well, it's Monday morning, and we have a brisk message for our U.S. readers: Shut up and stop whining. So gas is over $3...

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