Laguna Seca

  • Tesla Roadster driven by Joe Nuxoll on Laguna Seca racetrack, Re:Fuel event, June 2013

    In just a few years, the Re:Fuel racing event has become legendary among those who like their electric cars really, really fast. Two years ago, Joe Nuxoll set a new lap record for electric cars there (1:50.888), driving a completely standard Tesla Roadster. At this year's event, held at California's Laguna Seca Racetrack on June 30, he was able to beat that record. But so was another driver. Lap record While Tesla didn't officially take part in Re:Fuel back in 2011, Nuxoll was one of several Tesla employees (he had a role in the Model S user interface design) at the event. He was able to nail...

  • Nissan Leaf on track at Laguna Seca. Photo via MyNissanLeaf forum member nader.
    Want To Go Racing In Your Electric Car? Refuel 2012 Set For July 1

    It’s all very well reading about the electric exploits of hill-climbing all-electric race cars and the 0-60 times of purpose-built electric drag cars, but sometimes there’s no substitute for experiencing the joy of electric motorsport first hand. In a little over two weeks, that’s...

  • The 2011 Chevrolet Volt tackles the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca
    Laguna Seca ReFuels Electric Car Racing, Everyone Welcome (Video)

    There’s something really wonderful about hearing the wind rush past your electric car accompanied by only the whine of an electric motor pushed to its very limit, tires squealing on the blacktop. If you agree with us you’ll be pleased to hear that drivers of everything from production...

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