James Bond

  • Aston Martin Rapide E prototype from video posted by Andy Palmer

    To chase down criminals in a new carbon-constrained era, Agent 007 will need a new kind of Q Ship. But he won't stray far from the royal stable. Introducing the latest, kinder, gentler, reportedly less misogynistic Bond: James Bond, and his new all-electric Aston Martin RapideE, which will appear in the new movie with the working title "Shatterhand," likely to be released next year. Actor Daniel Craig, who returns as Bond, may be the first person outside Aston Martin to have a crack at driving the new RapideE. After a string of six other Aston Martins in his films through the years, Bond is...

  • Aston Martin DBX Concept
    All-Electric Aston Martin DBX Crossover Concept: Geneva Surprise

    James Bond would probably like this one, for its silent speed and rough-terrain capability. And it's even an Aston Martin. At today's Geneva Motor Show, the British sports-car maker unveiled a surprise concept: a sporty crossover utility vehicle with an all-electric powertrain. DON'T MISS: Lagonda...

  • Daniel Craig as James Bond, Agent 007, in Skyfall, with Aston Martin DB5
    Skyfall Sequel: Five James Bond Cars For A New Green Age

    James Bond, Agent 007, has now been driving his Aston Martin DB5 sports cars since 1964. With the new film, Skyfall, opening tomorrow, we thought we'd propose some new motor cars for Commander Bond. He's ventured into many other vehicles, including airplanes, submarines, and newer Aston Martins...

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