• Model of Cadillac Escalade horse carriage by artist Jeremy Dean for his work, "Back to the Futurama"

    So here's a question for you: when was the last time you traveled by horse to ... well, to anywhere other than the stable you started from? In 1900, horses were the de facto way for Americans to travel, whether riding them or in horse-drawn carts. By 1925, that had changed: 15 years of the Ford Model T, or "Tin Lizzie," had revolutionized road transport and brought travel powered by gasoline to the masses. DON'T MISS: Electric Cars To Be 35 Percent Of Global Sales By 2040: Energy Analyst (Feb 2016) Could the advent of electric cars follow the same trajectory? That is, could a product that was...

  • Creative Workshop 'eCarriage' electric car prototype, New York Auto Show, April 2014
    Electric 'Vintage Car' Proposed To Replace NYC Horse Carriages: New York Auto Show

    Animal rights and electric cars don't usually intersect much, but a long-running New York City battle has produced one of the more unusual electric-car designs shown in public. At the New York Auto Show last week, a very large electric vehicle--effectively a larger-than-life electric scale model of...

  • Naturmobil 1-horse-power vehicle
    Naturmobil Gives a New Meaning To Green Horsepower

    Six wheels. Two seats. One horsepower. Rear-mounted hybrid powertrain. Top speed: 28 miles per hour. It's the future of green transport. Maybe. In April 2006, Iranian engineer Hadi Mirhejazi began working on what he calls the Naturmobil, a vehicle powered by a single horse trotting on a treadmill...

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