• 2010 Chevrolet Spark

    Yesterday's Chevrolet press conference at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show was a pretty muted affair. While Chevy unveiled one concept car--the Aveo RS--the photos and details had been released several days before, so there seemed to be little real news. The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze was also there, but it had appeared as several shows last year, including last month's Los Angeles Auto Show. Overlooked Spark Almost lost in the shuffle was the little Chevrolet Spark, the Korean-designed mini-car that is likely to sell well in Asia and adequately in Europe. But what of the U.S.? The answers remain...

  • Micro-Vett electric Fiat 500 from NICE Car Company, 2008 London Motor Show
    Detroit Auto Show Preview: Electric Fiat 500 Mini-Car

    An electric Fiat 500 has been rumored for several months now, including before the lengthy October press conference where Chrysler laid out its survival plan. But now, it appears that Chrysler will show an electric Fiat 500 mini-car as one of two concepts it will have on display at next month's...

  • 2010 fiat 500 cabrio spy shots february 002
    Chrysler set to Unveil Electric Fiat 500

    Prior to going into government sponsored bankruptcy, Chrysler had displayed several electric car concepts including a 200C extended range electric vehicle and a 2 seat electric roadster. Since re-emerging as property of Italy's Fiat corp, plans for those Chrysler electric cars have been in limbo...

  • Abarth Fiat 500
    What Is Cute, Sporty and Italian? The Answer: A Fiat 500

    Fiat Starts to Reveal Plans For the Troubled Chrysler Name Plate

  • Micro-Vett electric Fiat 500 from NICE Car Company, 2008 London Motor Show
    Electric Fiat 500 Closer Than We Think From Chrysler?

    Much of the auto world is waiting eagerly for Wednesday, November 4. That's when Chrysler will release the detailed product and business plan that Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne promises will take the company to profitability within two years. Now comes the rumor that the two companies plan to build an...

  • 2009 fiat 500 convertible 500c 2 002
    Fiat and Chrysler Reportedly Working Together on EV

    Chrysler's ENVI electric vehicle program has spawned several possible vehicles that may one day reach showrooms.  However, the automaker has gone silent in regard to any upcoming EV projects leading speculators to believe that the program may be dead in the water. All is about to change though as...

  • 2008 Fiat 500

    Chrysler's on the skids right now, no doubt about it. June sales plummeted 42 percent, and some consider its takeover by--errr, sorry, partnership with--Italy's Fiat to be the blind leading the lame. But Fiat is far from the company it was 20 years ago, when it folded its tents and snuck out of the US, leaving handfuls of rusting, unreliable hatchbacks strewn across the landscape. Today's Fiat brings at least two green innovations to Chrysler: the fantastic Fiat 500 minicar, in four variations, and MultiAir, a new engine technology said to boost fuel economy at least 10 percent. Four models...

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