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    Pretty much every carmaker wants to brand itself green--or at least fuel-efficient. And toward that end, most of them seem to have created sub-brands for their green technologies, programs, and aspirations. Based on conversations with car buyers all over North America, we're convinced that most people have no idea what these brands are, what they mean, or who they belong to. So, we've created a little test. Below is an alphabetic list of 10 labels, each created by a different carmaker, that are meant to differentiate their fuel-efficient engines, technologies, and environmental efforts from...

  • 2012 BMW 3-Series sedan
    2012 BMW 3-Series: Saving Gas In A Sports Sedan

    "The Ultimate Driving Machine" - It's one of the most well-known taglines of the motoring world, and each successful generation of BMW is designed to improve that driving experience further. However, in times of austerity and rising gas prices, it's not enough to simply concentrate on performance...

  • BMW EfficientDynamics heat energy recovery technology
    BMW Turns Heat Energy To Electricity To Boost Fuel Efficiency

    To increase gas mileage, carmakers can use smaller engines that produce the same power from less fuel. But they can also work to recapture part of the 70 percent of fuel's energy content that internal combustion engines waste in producing heat, noise, and momentum that has to be halted via braking...

  • BMW press event introducing 'i' sub-brand, Munich, Feb 2011
    BMW Confirms 'i' Electric Sub-Brand, Lineup: MegaCity Now i3

    Auto marketers and PR people have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. It lets them connect directly with users and fans, but it also transmits facts, leaks, and rumors at lightning speed. That meant that this morning's BMW press conference, telecast live from BMW Welt in a snowy Munich...

  • 2009 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept
    BMW's Striking Diesel Hybrid Coupe: Now It Has a Name, Maybe

    The flurry of activity in hybrid and electric supercars has led to several concepts being approved for production, but BMW still hasn't publicly committed to a date for its high-tech green performance car. Mercedes-Benz has its SLS AMG E-Cell; Audi has the E-Tron; even Porsche gave the green light...

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