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Dual Clutch

  • Xtronic CVT, 6th generation  -  for 2013 Nissan Altima

    If you're reading this in North America, the vehicle sitting on your driveway probably has an automatic transmission. So do around 95 percent of other new vehicles on the U.S. market right now, though the Canadian figure is slightly lower. The numbers don't lie: Drivers just aren't buying cars with manual gearboxes any more. But within the automatic options, there's never been so much choice. Conventional automatics with torque converters, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), and now new dual-clutch transmissions are all widely available. CVTs win Now, after carmakers have spent a few...

  • 2014 Dodge Dart
    2014 Dodge Dart Dumps Dual-Clutch Automatic, Except On Aero Model

    The Dodge Dart compact sedan launched as a 2013 model hasn't sold as well as hoped. One thing that hurt its debut was the unfamiliar feel of its dual-clutch automatic gear gearbox, brought over from Europe to boost the fuel economy of versions fitted with the 160-horsepower turbocharged 1.4-liter...

  • 2014 Fiat 500L at twilight, upstate New York
    2014 Fiat 500L: Gas Mileage Test Of New Tall Wagon

    There aren't many cars like the 2014 Fiat 500L on the market today. It's a tall wagon, not a crossover, because all-wheel drive isn't available. And it shares only a name and an engine with the much smaller Fiat 500 minicar that reintroduced the Fiat name to the U.S. market after a long hiatus...

  • 2011 Hyundai Elantra
    Hyundai To Offer More CVTs And New Dual Clutch Transmissions In 2011

    Hyundai’s vehicle fleet is about to get a whole lot more fuel efficient as there are plans to introduce a new range of advanced dual clutch transmissions and more continuously variable transmissions (CVT) as early as next year. The move is just one part of the Hyundai’s overall goal of...

  • GM and SAIC transmission
    GM To Develop Compact Engine And Dual Clutch Transmission With SAIC

    General Motors is calling on Chinese partner SAIC to help develop a new downsized gasoline engine family and an advanced dual clutch transmission, one of the first major developments between the two automotive giants and surely not the last. The new engines, which will be offered in displacements...

  • Bosch engine stop-start system designed for automatics
    Bosch Develops Engine Stop-Start System For Automatics

    Autonomous engine stop-start systems, designed to save fuel by turning off a car’s engine when at a standstill, are increasing in popularity, especially in Europe, where fuel prices are often double what they are here. In many cases, the addition of an engine stop-start system can net fuel...

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