• Chanje V8070 Class 5 electric delivery van, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 2017

    A Class 5 cargo van is a remarkably large vehicle, especially when navigating it through the mixed industrial and 19th-century residential streets of the Prospect Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The Chanje V8070 electric cargo van, in fact, is the largest vehicle—electric or otherwise—we've ever driven. (We're still waiting for a chance to drive a BYD or Proterra electric transit bus ...) That meant we didn't have much frame of reference for comparing it to conventional diesel-powered cargo vans. DON'T MISS: Comparing it to the two dozen or so other battery-electric...

  • Chanje medium-duty electric truck
    Chanje electric delivery truck from China to go on sale this year

    A new electric-vehicle company called Chanje isn't focused on cars; instead, has set its sights on what it believes is a prime market for electric vehicles. That market is medium-duty delivery trucks, of which there are 7 million in the United States. About 500,000 new commercial-delivery trucks...

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